SefaMerve joins Ecommerce Europe!


Ecommerce Europe is glad to welcome SefaMerve as a new Company Member.  Marlene ten Ham, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe: “We are glad to have a well-established Turkish e-commerce player on board, which is very active in cross-border sales. Ecommerce Europe is looking forward to working together with SefaMerve in stimulating cross-border e-commerce throughout Europe and Turkey.” Ecommerce Europe company members are Business-to-Consumers (B2C) companies selling products and/or services online to consumers in Europe.

On joining Ecommerce Europe as a company member, SefaMerve’s CEO Mehmet Metin Okur comments: “E-commerce has massively matured in the last decade and it’s still growing fast. During this period SefaMerve has positioned itself in a strategic spot of the global arena. Now we are moving into a more exciting phase of e-commerce, which is all about the European aspect. We are delighted to take up a role in Ecommerce Europe as the first company of Turkish origin and we aim to constitute a bridge between the Turkish and the European markets. We believe that Ecommerce Europe offers us a significant infrastructure in terms of creating huge sectorial collaboration and development.”

About SefaMerve

SefaMerve was established in 2012, when the company began to advertise through Facebook. The website reached approximatively 4.5 million users in 3 years. Ranking among the top three e-commerce websites in Turkey shipping abroad, SefaMerve’s journey towards international success continues while it offers modest, chic and affordable clothes that are in line with hijab attire. The company receives orders from over 60 countries, mainly in Europe and the Middle East, and it is the biggest brand in terms of hijab clothes in the world as an online company. One of the main issues SefaMerve focuses on is the affordability of its items for every budget, as the company’s pricing policy is not particularly aimed at making profits.

The company’s three main aims are gaining users’ trust, creating a brand that addresses the needs of the sector of conservative women and continuing its success, which is not achieved at the expense of being affordable. SefaMerve also brought a couple of new products to the market, asking their suppliers to make adjustments to the products they purchase. They took shopping experiences as the basis for their improvements, and the feedback they get from their Facebook page also contributes to their success. SefaMerve does not sell products, it sells innovative solutions which meet the needs of its target audience.

Ecommerce Europe Company Members: benefits

Being a Company Member of Ecommerce Europe brings the companies various benefits, such as a specially-designed Ecommerce Europe logo on their website, regional reports on European B2C e-commerce, entrance to the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference, pro-active involvement with European advocacy and lobbying and many others.

Ecommerce Europe has two types of company memberships: Company Members and Company Members PLUS. Benefits vary according to the type of membership. In order to become a Company Member of Ecommerce Europe, companies need to be associated to a national e-commerce association that is a member of Ecommerce Europe, with an exception in case there is no national association in the country of establishment.

How to join Ecommerce Europe

If you would like to have further information on how to become Company Member of Ecommerce Europe and on the advantages of the partnership, please visit our website.