ShoppingTomorrow launches English language website and bluepapers


For the first time in six years of ShoppingTomorrow history, the research program is also releasing the bluepapers in English. In this way, the products of the expert groups can also be distributed internationally.

Within the current cycle  called “Window to the World”, it is only logical that the bluepapers are made accessible to our’s international network. The English bluepapers  are therefore placed on an English-language website, so that others can learn from it and they can further spread/distribute the knowledge within the bluepapers.

Knowledge crossing borders

“It would be a shame to keep all the knowledge we have gained with more than 600 experts (from A-listed companies such as Heineken, Facebook, Unilever, within the Netherlands. In addition, we answer to the increasing demand of our hosts and chairs in the Shopping Tomorrow community as they are eager to share the contents of the blue papers with their international operating clients, suppliers and co-workers/colleagues. This way ShoppingTomorrow is literally crossing borders this year,” explains program manager Inge Demoed.

(Down)loads of free info!

The free blue papers are stacked with information, tips & tricks or strategies within the whole e-commerce value chain. So please, for the interest of European E-commerce, download and share the content of the blue papers if you, or your network,  would like to learn more about a diverse set of topics regarding (amongst many others) Omnichannel Transformation, Marketplaces, Customer Engagement or Conversational Commerce. On all levels within Logistics, Marketing, IT or Change Management.