Solving the M-commerce Dilemma: Apps Versus Mobile-optimised Websites


Online traders who wish to benefit from being at the forefront of the m-commerce revolution are faced by a basic choice between prioritising the development of m-commerce apps for platforms such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android or to instead concentrate on developing websites that are optimised for mobile devices.

According to eMarketer, nearly 114 million US consumers will access the Internet via smartphone or tablet devices in 2012. A Jumptap study of ad requests over the past year shows that the mobile web is maintaining a slight lead over apps. On the other hand, both channels appear to be growing at approximately the same speed.

graph emarketer

Jumptap advises companies to based their investment decisions on an analysis of which audiences they are trying to reach.

graph emarketer 2

A Yahoo! / Ipsos study shows that while people overwhelmingly use their mobile browsers for shopping, searching and accessing entertainment, apps are preferred for navigating e-commerce catalogues or acquiring information.