Takeaway.com wins Cross Border E-Commerce Award in the Netherlands


The Dutch company Takeaway.com, which offers customers the option to order meals at restaurants in their local area, was awarded the Cross Border E-Commerce Award by the industry organisation Thuiswinkel.org on Thursday night in the Netherlands.

Takeaway.com is active in the Netherlands (Thuisbezorgd.nl), Germany (Lieferservice.de), Belgium (Pizza.be), United Kingdom (Takeaway.com), France (Pizza.fr), Austria (Lieferservice.at) and Switzerland (Delivery.ch).

Takeaway.com particularly impressed the jury with their well-developed, omnichannel marketing concept that is optimally adapted to its respective target markets. In second place was Simplycolors, a personalisable children’s clothing provider, while the online department store Fonq took third place.

The award for best online shop in the Netherlands was this year taken by Cool Blue, the electronics retailer that pushed bol.com and KLM into second and third place.

Bron: E-commerce facts