The Chamber of Digital Economy presents the nominees in the 6th Performance Marketing Diamonds EU 2024 competition



This article has been provided by Ecommerce Europe’s National Association:   The Chamber of Digital Economy   (Poland)

The sixth edition of the Performance Marketing Diamonds EU 2024 competition has already made a name for itself with a record number of almost 100 entries, and the 19 competition categories provide a picture of all varieties of performance marketing, affiliation, content, and e-commerce strategies used in business. The Chamber of Digital Economy also emphasises the continuing importance of performance marketing for business development and the international nature of the competition it organises. Over 40 foreign guests have confirmed their participation in this year’s award ceremony. 

Today we are focusing on the nominees for the winner in each category and the Grand Prix – the PMD EU Diamond 2024.

Targeting and diamonds

Performance marketing provides a comprehensive approach to advertising and marketing. Client companies pay for measurable actions or results, i.e.: clicks, customer base expansion, sales, or other predetermined targets. The best professionals in this field and their teams need to demonstrate technological expertise as well as know consumer behaviour and combine it with marketing and management. It is such personalities and teams that have just been nominated for the next stage of the Performance Marketing Diamonds EU 2024.

Fast and efficient

Performance marketing means that speed and relevance of decisions are a must – campaigns are constantly optimised based on real-time data. It is about maximising outcomes and return on investment.

Effective marketers are very valuable to any organisation, regardless of its size, model of operation, specialisation, or industry,” says Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, President of the e-Chamber, who pays particular attention to increasing the professionalism of all e-commerce in Poland. “Surely, such employees are worth noticing, recognising, and rewarding.”– she adds. “The Chamber of Digital Economy, as the organisation with the largest reach and most effective activity for the benefit of e-commerce in the country, is also working on their behalf.”

The architecture of rivalry

Perfo-marketing is about working with indicators/data. It uses advanced targeting techniques, message personalisation, and a multi-channel approach, i.e.: search engines (SEM), social media, e-mail and affiliate marketing. As a result, audiences using different contact points and devices are reached. These activities are reflected by the thematic sections of the competition:

  • Performance & Affiliate Marketing;
  • Creative Performance;
  • Content Performance;
  • Strategy Performance;

and its main categories – B2B and B2C Campaign of the Year.

Following the announcement of the nominees, this year’s jury comprising top e-commerce and marketing experts has one more task ahead of it. It will identify the best, including the winners in the categories of the Performance Agency of the Year, Performance Brand of the Year, and the best of the best – the Grand Prix winner. The auditor, Sowiński & Partners Law Firm, is overseeing the proper conduct of the entire competition.

In anticipation of the final

The award ceremony will be part of a landmark event – on that day, all European e-commerce roads will lead to Warsaw, where the first European e-Commerce Summit will take place on May 23, at Warsaw’s Belotto Hotel. Representatives of the public administration have also confirmed their attendance at the event.

“This is an unprecedented achievement. Our invitation to participate in the first European e-Commerce Summit was accepted by Europe’s largest e-commerce organisations. The participants in this unique event, including 13 heads of leading EU e-commerce organisations, will discuss European e-commerce and online export strategy for the coming years!” says Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska – President of the e-Chamber. “In the final part of the day, we will be handing out the PMD EU Diamonds, which will highlight the international dimension of the competition itself and the European coverage of the organisation I have the honour to lead,” she proudly emphasises. The award ceremony will be attended by over 40 international guests.

The competition, whose main partners are the Bulgarian e-Commerce Association, Ecommerce Europe, and Serpact, is also an excellent opportunity to keep abreast of the direction of national and European e-commerce. For more than a decade, also contributing to its steady growth has been performance marketing, which allows businesses to optimise ad spend, increase profitability, and extend big data. The best of them have deserved a prestigious award – the Performance Marketing Diamonds EU 2024. We are keeping our fingers crossed for everyone!

We are excited to present the list of nominees in the 6th edition of the competition – Performance Marketing Diamonds EU 2024:

The most effective short-term performance campaign

  •     Chocolissimo , Numbers & Intuition
  •     mBank, Cube Group
  •     Performics
  •     SalesTube, ValueMedia
  •     Tradedoubler

The most effective affiliate program

  •     DentsuX
  •     Empik, Tradedoubler
  •     Zooplus, Tradedoubler

The most effective sales campaign

  •     Performics (za kampanię dla Lindt)
  •     Performics (za kampanie dla Semilac)
  •     SalesTube, ValueMedia
  •     Tradedoubler

The most effective paid search campaign

  •     Agata Meble, SalesTube, ValueMedia
  •     Bluerank, Rainbow Tours
  •     Decathlon, NOVA commerce
  •     SalesTube, Lancerto
  •     SalesTube, ValueMedia

The most challenging performance

  •     AWIN, Answear
  •     iProspect
  •     Mediaplus, SalesTube
  •     ORLEN Paczka
  •     SalesTube, ValueMedia

The most creative digital campaign

  •     LOT
  •     SalesTube, ValueMedia
  •     Savicki

Think-out-of-the-box campaign

  •     Contrust Communication
  •     LOT
  •     FormUp
  •     SalesTube, ValueMedia

The most creative use of AI

  •     Apifonica
  •     Bluerank, Rainbow Tours

The most effective mobile campaign

  •     mBank, Cube Group
  •     MODIVO
  •     Payback

ROI content campaign for e-commerce

  •     Metapic
  •     ORLEN Paczka

The most effective video content

  •     Almette, Value Media, SalesTube
  •     Sales&More, LINK4
  •     LOT

The most effective SEO campaign

  •     Cube Group, Triverna
  •     Performics
  •     Sempai
  •     Serpact
  •     Whites, Diagnostyka

The best consumer centric content

  •     Kubota
  •     LOT
  •     Whites, Goldsaver

The best international expansion campaign

  •     LOT
  •     MODIVO

The most effective low-budget campaign

  •     ContentHouse, ORLEN Paczka
  •     DentsuX
  •     SalesTube, Value Media

The most effective omni-channel campaign

  •     Almette, Value Media, SalesTube
  •     LOT
  •     Performics, OBI Polska, Performance Media

The most effective retail campaign

  •     Awin, Halfprice
  •     Performics, OBI Polska, Performance Media, Zenith Poland
  •     SAVICKI

B2B campaign of the year

  •     ContentHouse & ORLEN Paczka
  •     Havas Media,
  •     iCEA

B2C campaign of the year

  •     ezebra, Cube Group
  •     LOT
  •     SalesTube, Value Media

The competition’s international partners are: Bulgarian e-Commerce Association, Ecommerce Europe, Serpact

Media patrons of the competition: My Company Polska,, Marketing przy kawie, SocialPress, Marketer+