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Almost one in five households has a pet of some kind, most often a dog, cat or bird. 43% of internet users are considering owning (buying or adopting) a pet in the near future, and 17% say they have been carers of a pet. This means that ¾ of homes have, have had or are about to have some sort of running, flying or swimming charge.

Going further, the results of the survey show that pets are treated by Poles as fully-fledged family members, often quite privileged, as in 2/3 of homes they can sleep with their owners, not just on their bedding, snack on treats from the table – not just eat dedicated food. 9 out of 10 internet users buy pet products online, and while choosing them, they are similarly careful and analytical as when they are shopping for children. After these few pieces of information, the conclusion is that pet-friendliness can be a very important success factor for e-commerce companies. And so it is, but not only for them.

We like to share photos and videos of our pets on the web and social media, we like to share photos and videos of our pets, as well as read a variety of advice. But that’s not all. 85% of surveyed pet owners buy products for their pets online. The results of the e-Chamber’s report: e-Commerce Animal-friendly Business show that pets are an essential part of life for us. In addition, they have an incredible impact on the workplace, reduce stress and anxiety, inspire for creativity. Social interactions are becoming strengthened. As an organisation, we undertook the preparation of this CSR report because we observe that the animal-friendly trend has become even more important after the pandemic.– says Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, President of the Chamber of Digital Economy.

Animal-friendly employers win

Poles want to work with animals. Even if they do not currently own a pet, they understand the needs of pet owners. They also want to be able to do that themselves if they decide to take care of a pet. 22% of people surveyed declared that they have taken in or adopted an animal in need. 8 out of 10 people surveyed confirm that it is important to them whether the company they work for is animal-friendly. They see many benefits of working for such a company, both for the employees and the company itself. They claim that the presence of animals makes the working atmosphere more friendly (30%).

Animals reduce stress (24%) and increase employee morale (23%), thus influencing loyalty to the employer. One in five respondents has the opinion that the presence of animals also improves creativity and increases employee productivity. These are not insignificant advantages of allowing our smaller brothers and sisters on our company doorstep. Fortunately, many managers are already aware of this, as 8 out of 10 confirm that their companies benefit from being pet-friendly and gain in the eyes of not only employees but also customers. 68% confirm that animals have a positive impact on the working atmosphere and 46% see an increase in employee efficiency in pet-friendly companies. In turn, 54% admit that they see an increase in customer loyalty due to a clear and animal-friendly policy.

Success at your fingertips

It is becoming increasingly important to Poles whether the environment in which they live, the space where they walk, as well as the means of transport, hotels and restaurants, are pet-friendly. And unfortunately, this is where Poland does not fare too well. Opinions on the friendliness of cities and neighbourhoods are divided almost fifty-fifty. The larger the city, the worse the ratings are. In addition, as many as 59% of the pet owners surveyed admit that some unpleasant situations have happened to them while travelling with their pets.

Fortunately, hotels and restaurants are realising the importance of becoming more animal-friendly. 80% of the managers surveyed are of the opinion that customers abandon Ho-Re-Ca services if they are not animal-friendly. On the other hand, they have confirmed that it is already possible to come to the Ho-Re-Ca services with their pet, although not unconditionally. 60% put requirements on the breed or weight of the animal. However, in the context of the indicated benefits of being animal-friendly, it is to be hoped that these restrictions will soon disappear.


The data comes from the e-Commerce Animal-friendly Business survey and report, commissioned by the Chamber of Digital Economy and conducted by the Mobile Institute research company. The survey was conducted on a sample of 1179 Internet users and 60 managers in a variety of companies. Opinions were collected with the CAWI method, using responsive electronic surveys. The data was collected in October 2023. They data is representative of Internet users in Poland in terms of gender structure, age and size of place of residence. You can find the report for free download on the website of the Chamber of Digital Economy at:


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