The Chamber of Digital Economy publishes Sustainable e-Commerce Report


The following content has been provided by our Polish national association:  The Chamber of Digital Economy

A small group of people realise what responsible business and sustainability are, but we certainly know what to expect from e-commerce in terms of responsible selling, sustainability, and business ethics. These are the conclusions of this year’s edition of the “Responsible E-commerce” report produced by the Chamber of Digital Economy, An excellent guide for business to consumer choices. 

For 67% of online shoppers, it is important whether an online store is a socially responsible business and whether it develops in an environmentally sustainable way.

The most important group of e-consumers, i.e. those who make purchases online at least twice a month, find it even more relevant. Among loyal customers of an online store, an average of 8 out of 10 people closely observe its corporate social responsibility activities and thus decide whether it is trustworthy or untrustworthy.

Is the price the most important thing?

Price continues to be the most important decision-making factor for all types of purchases. Among other aspects that count online are a wide range of products, fast delivery times, and attractive special offers, as indicated by 35% of respondents. The survey showed that it is no longer just about the pragmatic side of online shopping. The same number of respondents, 35%, attach importance to the sustainability efforts of the company they buy from, e.g. whether the e-store operates ethically, or whether it is adapted to the needs of people with special needs.

Expectations are rising

“When we ask ourselves about the maturity of Polish e-commerce, I immediately refer to this conscious group of consumers. It is growing and we know that despite the crisis, Polish consumers are demanding more and more from e-stores. It’s an important business tip.” – says Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, President of the Chamber of Digital Economy.

The strength of Polish e-commerce

E-business itself is run sustainably. 83% of e-businesses confirmed that this approach to management is driven by their values. Similar to last year, around half of companies (47%) have set directions for the development of responsible e-business practices, and sustainability has become part of the strategies of 60% of businesses. Also, very importantly, virtually all the companies surveyed stated that they benefit from doing business responsibly. Image-related benefits are still the most common, as indicated by 9 out of 10 companies, (vs 7 out of 10 a year earlier). It is also noteworthy that the approach of potential partners to responsible business is researched by as many as 67% of companies, which is 28% more than in 2021.

For more detailed information on consumer attitudes to e-commerce in terms of responsibility and sustainability, see here –

We hope that you will find the entire report to be an interesting read.