The European Online Dispute Resolution platform asks for your help


On behalf of the European Commission, we would like to ask for your input on a European-wide platform that helps resolve disputes between consumers and European (online) companies.

The Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform is provided by the European Commission to make online shopping safer and fairer through access to quality dispute resolution tools. The ODR platform is not connected to any trader and aims to increase trust in online shopping, specifically cross-borders, by resolving disputes using Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures are provided by neutral out-of-court bodies such as conciliators, mediators, arbitrators, the ombudsman and complaints boards. They can bring consumers and traders together to help find a solution to the dispute. They can also propose a solution or even impose one. Such bodies have to meet strict EU quality criteria, which guarantee that they handle disputes in an effective, fair, independent and transparent way, free of charge or at a very low cost.

Since you or your national members are (potential) users of the ODR platform, the Commission wants to give you the opportunity to help shape it.

A large ongoing study aims to improve the effectiveness of the platform. A new version of the interfaces has already been designed and are now looking for user-feedback. The Commission is looking for companies to do a 1-hour remote testing session, specifically with an employee in the customer service department. A small reward is foreseen to compensate for the time spent. National associations are encouraged to share the request with their members.

If you or one of your members is interested, fill in the contact details here so that the European Commission’s external research team can contact you.