The ICDP urges EU Member States to maintain competitiveness in the future European Data Protection legislative framework


A total of 18 industry associations, acting under the ICDP – the Industry Coalition of Data Protection, of which Ecommerce Europe is a member – have co-signed a letter directed to the European Union’s Heads of State and Government concerning the potential burdens that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) could pose on online businesses if some essential parts of the text are not modified.

About the letter

The GDPR aims to create a harmonized set of data protection rules for Europe. The ICDP and of course Ecommerce Europe as well believe that this Regulation, provided that it is flexible and well-formulated, will boost the construction of the Digital Single Market. While the associations in question fully acknowledge and respect the fundamental right to privacy for EU citizens, such as online consumers, they also feel that European legislators must balance this with other fundamental rights such as the right to work and the right to conduct a business. If this balance is not achieved, job creation, growth and investment could be put at risk.

This is the key message that the ICDP wishes to reiterate to negotiators in Brussels as they move into final discussions on the proposed legislation. The letter provides a list of specific points that are of serious and existential importance to prove both a high level of data protection for citizens and a regulatory framework that fosters innovation and growth in Europe’s digital economy.

The full version of the letter can be requested by sending an e-mail to

More information on Data Protection and Privacy

Ecommerce Europe has recently published its updated and in-depth policy recommendations to European legislators concerning Data Protection and Privacy. The new position paper is available for download by clicking here.