The Online Challenge for European Retail


Ecommerce Europe accepted EuroCommerce’s invitation to participate in the Internal Market and Consumer Affairs Committee meeting on July 9. During the gathering the challenges for European retail in relation to e-commerce were discussed. The informal consultation took place in Brussels with a delegation of MEPs. Ecommerce Europe was represented by directors Marc Lolivier (FEVAD, France) and Ulric Jerome (FEVAD, Pixmania).

EuroCommerce is the organisation that represents international retail in Europe. Ecommerce Europe had been asked to share its knowledge on existing difficulties and, even more importantly, the challenges yet to come for European retail on an online level.

European retail is changing dramatically, mainly because of the shift towards an online market. Of course Ecommerce Europe considers this shift to be a chance to boost the economy. This will require innovative entrepreneurship from various sales channels. Especially during this period of economic downturn online channels can provide a big stimulus to the European economy.

To facilitate this in the best possible manner some changes in legislation, logistics and payments are required. Online (cross-border) sales are currently inhibited by the large differences between countries.