The Polish Chamber of Digital Economy has published a “Cross-border e-commerce” report



This article has been provided by Ecommerce Europe’s National Association:   The Chamber of Digital Economy   (Poland)

The Chamber of Digital Economy has published a report “Cross-border e-commerce. Brand Across Borders 2024”. The new e-Chamber publication characterizes the European CBEC markets. Also includes information on the most important legal aspects of cross-border e-commerce, delivery and cyber security.

Key data from the report:

100% of surveyed companies with cross-border sales believe their CBEC revenues will grow faster than sales in general, including in the e-commerce channel.

20% – That’s how much sales have increased on average at companies that have introduced cross-border e-commerce. Seventeen percent of surveyed companies reported larger increases, above 20% per year.

28% Surveyed representatives of companies with cross-border sales believe it gives them an advantage in their industry.

4.23 (On a scale of 0-5) – This is how respondents rate the importance of cross-border e-commerce for growth in their industry.

The e-Chamber report “Cross-border e-commerce. Brand Beyond Borders 2024” can be found here.