The winners of the first edition of the Digital Quality Mark organised by the Chamber of the Digital Economy are here



This article has been provided by Ecommerce Europe’s National Association:   The Chamber of Digital Economy   (Poland)

The 9 winners of Poland’s first Digital Quality Mark in the area of e-commerce guarantee the best immediately available AI, SaaS and marketing solutions. Speed combined with quality, as market expectations, was reflected in the innovative formula of the competition with the same name combined with a product pitching contest. These features were coupled with the transparency of competition and the relevance of the entries to expectations of the business environment, in line with the intention of the organiser, the Chamber of the Digital Economy.

Here is what else the DQM-awarded companies can offer the wider e-commerce market in early 2024.

Digital Quality Mark – an accolade and a commitment: meet effective business partners operating in the field of e-commerce

We did it! The Digital Quality Mark competition formula made it possible to look at the quality and effectiveness of AI, SaaS, and agency solutions in relevant areas of e-commerce corresponding to the competition categories. On January 8, in Warsaw, 12 representatives of the companies competing for the DQM title had the opportunity to interact with the jury during the pitching contest and observe the outcome of the vote in real-time. As a result, the DQM was awarded to 9 companies that showed the highest standard of solutions.

Meet the winners

In the AGENCY category, the classification is as follows:

  1. Strix
  2. Sempai
  3. Media4U


The top three in the category: SAAS E-COMMERCE are:

  2. Voucheryfi
  3. ‘


In the AI TOOL category, the DQM went to:

  1. Algolytics
  2. Sovva
  3. Apifonica

At the same time, the e-Chamber provided legal audit in real-time of the competition.

But it is not just about the winners. The Digital Quality Mark preliminaries and nominee list allow online stores to gain an in-depth and quick review of dozens of AI/SaaS solutions for e-commerce and access a list of companies and solutions that industry experts believe are worthy of attention in terms of online marketing. On the other hand, the accolade allows the winners to reach a broad market thanks to a recommendation supported by the opinion of a jury comprising industry experts and professionals. Furthermore, through networking and constructive feedback between the customer and the technology solution, companies and service providers can improve their own product portfolios.

Necessity breeds solution

  • The list of Digital Quality Mark-verified entities is a guarantee that you will be working with the best. Every day, many entrepreneurs are bombarded with dozens of business proposals, services, and tools that are supposed to help. However, not all of them are good and trustworthy. Therefore, by using services and tools that have been positively assessed in the Digital Quality Mark competition, you can ensure that you have a greater chance of investing your money and time well and succeeding in business. – Łukasz Kierus, CEO of Glosel
  • The Polish e-commerce market is now mature enough to introduce a certification system for various types of services. As far as the Polish market goes, we have dozens, sometimes hundreds of agencies or suppliers concerned with a certain area or a certain solution, and as an e-commerce manager, I think that enabling both young and more experienced e- commerce businesses to have their services evaluated is a very good solution. – Joanna Kwiatkowska, Vice CEO of Kubota.

It all serves to ensure that the companies/solutions in the market provide a very high quality of service – that’s for one thing. Secondly, it is about a benchmark for the rest, whose ambition is to be reliable and open to working with the business environment as required.

  • Choosing the right technologies is crucial from a strategic point of view, especially in e-commerce. Using the right IT solution contributes to improving the customer experience and optimising operational processes – believes Piotr Truszkowski, Head of Allegro Business, member of the DQM jury.

Another juror, Maciej Jakubowski, Chief Technology Officer at Empik, points out the need to recognise quality solutions:

  • Imagination-wise, AI is a technology that improves almost every aspect of an organisation’s operations. However, in practice, the use of AI still faces numerous organisational or technological challenges. As such, my expectation of the DQM competition was to reward solutions where the gap between imagined and practical AI application is the smallest.

Ready for implementation

The Chamber of Digital Economy is an industry organisation that supports e-commerce on many levels, strategically and on an ad hoc basis.

  • We observed this need already in the previous season. Online stores told us about their problems verifying – in a fast and reliable manner –business support solutions. – says Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, President of the e-Chamber, introducing the idea behind the DQM. – In this case, it was about reacting relatively quickly and scanning the market reliably in this respect. The course of the competition showed that the attempt was successful and necessary,  she stresses.

In this way, be it cyber-security, UX design, or technological innovation, the e-Chamber is pursuing its mission of digital business transformation at the highest level of sophistication. The DQM competition and the pitching contest will therefore continue with business-led projects in the current and next editions, in the coming year.

A unique verification process

  • For Algolytics, the DQM award is an accolade and a way to highlight what we do together with our clients. It shows that investment in data is an area that pays off. We want more companies to take part in such competitions because it shows the essence of the problem we are addressing – Piotr Biegun, COO of Algolytics, 1st place winner in the AI Tool category.
  • DQM is the place for innovative solutions that meet the needs of a growing market and businesses. So, if your company or team is working on solutions, it’s definitely worth showing them to the world. DQM is a competition that allows you to be recognised. – Cezary Pierzan, CEO of, winner of 1st place in the SaaS e-Commerce category.
  • DQM is a competition that rewards their approach and quality for the e-commerce solutions they provide. It’s worth taking part in such initiatives to educate the market and show how this market is developing and when new players, delivering high quality, emerge. We are quite a young industry, so all such initiatives that create and build this market as well as create and build certain standards are very important, so we wanted to take part in it. We are proud to have won first place in the agency category in the first edition of this competition. I hope that this will be a signal to others as to what to do and how to develop. Above all, it will be a benefit to the market and all customers in that the quality of services and certain standards will improve over time. – Borys Skraba, CEO of Strix, 1st place winner in the Agency category.

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