‘Dutch online retail top sector within five years’

Shares calls for a new vision of Shopping 2020, the Dutch organisation for webshops and co-founder of Ecommerce Europe, plans a vision on the future of initiate online retail and commerce. is providing Shopping 2020 as a platform to be used jointly with government organisations, branches and businesses for developing a new perspective for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. According to Ed Nijpels, chairman of “the Dutch online retail trade must become a top sector. The Netherlands – famous for its trading and distribution activities – has a prominent role to play in the field of e-commerce. The Cabinet should capitalize on this”.

The Cabinet is currently facilitating e-commerce already, for example via the breakthrough projects of the coalition agreement. Nijpels: “This is good, but online retail grew to its present size with relatively little government interference. This is the way it should stay. It would be even better if the retail industry could reach that top sector position within five years under its own steam. A vision of the future of ‘commerce’ could make an important contribution to this ambition in all aspects where the traditional retail and online retail of products and services touch upon one another in the future”. will be launching this year-long project on 23 April 2013, during the Shopping 2020 Congress in the Jaarbeurs. It will enable participating government departments, umbrella organisations, branches and businesses to present reports and results to their own supporters. Nijpels: “, whose supporters include (web)shops, the retail trade, travel companies and providers of (financial) services, is pre-eminently suited to providing this platform. By providing Shopping 2020, is contributing to new growth in all sectors, whereby the internet is the factor that links the thought processes, learning, working and the world of business”.

Online turnover continues to grow to about €10 billion euro in 2012 and €11 billion euro in 2013
Members of currently represent about 75% of Dutch online consumer expenditure. This is estimated at almost 10 billion euro for 2012, an increase of +10% in comparison with 2011. During 2013 expects a similar increase in consumer expenditure on products and services, which will bring it up to about 11 billion euro. organisation still growing
During the New Year´s Reception, also announced the association’s statistics for 2012. In 2012 the number of members of grew by 16% in comparison with the previous year. In 2011, had 1,449 members. On the 1st January 2013 this number had increased to 1,683 members.

Noticeable in 2012 was the departure of 293 members, almost 25% more than in 2011. About 88 webshops (30%) ceased their business activities, 32 webshops were taken over (11%) and 18 webshops went bankrupt (6%). itself gave 44 webshops their marching orders (15%) because they failed to fulfil requirements in the field of legal, security or financial matters. 38 members terminated their membership due to costs (13%). 13 Members (4%) indicated having failed to appreciate sufficient added value. Nijpels: “The market has an increased tendency for webshops to come and go. In particular we can see a trend of on the one hand enthusiastic newcomers in small webshops and on the other hand business cessation and bankruptcies. This only helps to emphasize that running a webshop is a serious matter”. The members of include 825 webshops whose turnover is less than 100,000 euro (49%).