UK: 1 in 5 Online Retail Sales were through Mobile in Q1 2013


Mobile accounted for 20.2% of UK e-retail sales in Q1, up from 15.4% in the previous quarter
E-retail visits via mobile devices up from 24% in Q4 to 30% in Q1 Surge attributed to large sales of mobile devices over Christmas.

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There was a significant uplift in mobile sales in the first quarter of 2013, with 1 in 5 UK e-retail sales coming through a mobile device (smartphones and tablets) according to figures published by IMRG, the organisation representing e-commerce in the UK and Capgemini. The 20% barrier was reached following a big leap in mobile sales activity. In the previous quarter (Q4 of 2012), mobile devices accounted for 15.4% of UK e-retail sales. This surge is likely to have been influenced by the huge increase in tablet-owners following strong sales of the devices over Christmas.
The percentage of e-retail visits via mobile devices also rose steeply, accounting for almost 1 in 3 (30%) of total visits in Q1 of 2013, up from 24% in the previous quarter.
Mobile has long been considered a key part of any retail strategy, yet the growth rates have been staggering nonetheless. Sales via mobile devices shot up from 0.9% in 2010 to 4% in 2011, and reached 12% of e-retail sales in 2012. Visits via mobile have risen from 2.6% in 2010 to 8.2% in 2011, reaching 21.3% of all e-retail visits in 2012.

Total online sales are forecasted to reach £87bn (€107.3, up 12%) online this year as mobile devices and tablets offer consumers new opportunities to browse and purchase, but the IMRG says lifestyle shifts towards digital mean online retail should no longer be regarded as a separate channel.
The average annual spend per UK e-shopper is the highest in the world (se the chart). e-Spend per online purchaser is forecast to reach €2,600 as the number of e-shoppers is set to reach around 41 million this year, close to 90% of active internet users in the UK

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Sources: IMRG, Capgemini, ONS, Ecommerce Europe estimates and research