UK e-commerce most popular in Europe


Ecommerce Europe welcomed an Ofcom report that shows that Internet shopping is more popular in the UK than any other major country as evidence of a national shift in the way we shop. At more than £1,000, British consumers spend more online than consumers from the other countries measured in Ofcom’s seventh International Communications Market Report.

It found that UK shoppers spent £1,083 per head, 14% more than the £950 spent in 2010. Australians were second, with £842, and Sweden third at £747.

The study showed that more than a fifth (23.1%) of UK adults used their smartphones to visit retail websites. Within Europe, Britain was followed by Germany at 22.6%. And it also found that UK consumers used laptops, smartphones and other connected devices to access the internet more often than in countries. Some 51% used a laptop most often, but for 6% a smartphone was their Internet device of choice. Another 6% named other connected devices, while 37% named a desktop computer.