UK, Germany and France dominate e-commerce


The European e-commerce industry is clearly dominated by three leading countries: the UK (€96 billion), Germany (€50 billion) and France (€45 billion). The total of €191 billion of these three countries together represents 61% of the total European B2C e-commerce sector and 69% of the EU28. This is apparent from the new European B2C Ecommerce Report published by Ecommerce Europe, the European umbrella organization for online retailers.

Ecommerce Europe estimates that British consumers now purchase 13.5% of traditional retail goods online. In Germany and France it accounts for 6.4 and 5.3% respectively. Overall there is an increase in the share that online purchased goods have in traditional retail. High street retail in Europe in general has suffered from the continuing financial crises and lack of consumer confidence, though with Germany as a positive exception.

The Internet penetration in the Western European region has become extremely high compared to other regions of Europe, with the exception of the Scandinavian countries. The six countries together (Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Luxembourg and United Kingdom) have over 134 million Internet users, an average penetration of 83.9% compared to the average penetration of 74.4% of the EU28 and 64.5% for total Europe. Western European consumers are open for online and e-commerce, not in the least because of the traditional catalogue background in for instance the UK, France and the Netherlands.

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