UK largest European e-commerce market


The United Kingdom had the largest turnover in e-commerce in Europe in 2012. In fact, its turnover was even larger than that of France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and Luxembourg (the other countries comprising our segment Western Europe) combined.

In addition, the Brits were the biggest online spenders in the world. In total, 39 million active e-shoppers spent € 96.2 billion online in 2012, which equals an average of € 2,466 per person. By contrast, the average European e-shopper spent € 1,763 in that year.

In 2012, the UK was the largest online travel market in Europe and this segment also ranked first in the top 5 of goods and services purchased online. Travel accounts for 25% of overall e-commerce turnover and is followed by Household Consumables (18%) and Services (12%). Buying groceries online is also widely accepted in the UK. In 2012, it generated a turnover of € 6.6 bn.

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