Updated programme pre-conference e-Regulations


Don’t miss the pre-conference on e-regulation and e-privacy on 2 June 2013 in Barcelona. The pre-conference takes place prior to the Global E-commerce Summit.

In the first morning session, there will be a focus on how the digital market is progressing in the EU. Important questions will be raised: several institutions and initiatives try to solve the regulatory burdens for cross-border e-commerce, but are they being successful? Is the EU enough aligned in the global context and to what extent do we need to streamline the EU regulatory framework internationally?
Other hot topics such as the Consumers Rights Directive and the Common European Sales Law will also be on the agenda.

The second morning session will approach e-privacy and Data Protection Regulation. To what extent are merchants in the future able to make a consumer profile and make personalized offers? Moreover, it will reflect on what is the right balance between protection of personal data and the proper functioning of the EU internal market. The Directive on Cookies will also be on the agenda.

In the afternoon, you will have the possibility to participate in our “building trust for both the consumer and the industry” workshop. Going cross-border is easily said but not easily done. How can you be successful while Europe is not yet fully harmonized? How do DPR, Directive on Cookies, CRD and Trustmarks fit into the trust building?

Pre-conferences: for all attendees of the Global E-commerce Summit!
The pre-conferences open for all attendees of the Global E-commerce Summit and If you are a member or a business partner of Ecommerce Europe, you are granted free access to both the pre-conferences and the Global E-commerce Summit. There are pre-conferences ePaymentse-Regulation & e-Privacy and eLogistics.

For more information about all the pre-conferences, please visit the Global E-commerce Summit website. Don’t forget to register if you want to have your say in future e-regulations plans. Be part of the discussion together with high-level stakeholders and support your e-commerce industry!