Vice-President Reding: move ahead on data protection in 2014


At the KPN’s New Year reception in Brussels, Vice-President Reding held a speech reflecting on data protection and looking ahead to the year 2014, a crucial year for Europe.

Ecommerce Europe critically follows the Data Protection process. Regulation must be good and should preferably come quick. Ecommerce Europe would like to arrive at a Regulation with a fair balance between citizen’s rights to have privacy protected and the right of a merchant to obtain and process personal data. This regulation should have a risk based approach with low administrative burdens and proportionate fines. The Data Protection Regulation is still in the Council, which has no common position yet.


Ms. Reding hopes that the Greek Presidency has the capability to alter this and ensure that the DPR will pass in the European Parliament plenary session in March. She stated: “As you know, the European Parliament has shown the way, backing proposals for strong, uniform EU data protection rules which the European Commission put on the table already two years ago. The Heads of State and Government committed to a “timely adoption of the new rules in October. Not much progress has been made since. But I hope that under the Greek Presidency that has just started, Member States will now finally take the big decisions needed. The Commission will support the Greek government’s ambitions objective to reach an agreement by the summer.”


Furthermore, Ms. Reding reiterated that the DPR is a win-win situation for consumers and retailers, as citizens will regain trust in internet companies, which is essential for a well-functioning Digital Single Market: “Our reform will give citizens more control over their personal data and open up a true digital single market to business. Citizens are demanding high data protection standards, and they deserve nothing less. It is now up to Member States to deliver the goods. We have lost too much time already. My wish for 2014 is that we move full speed ahead on data protection.”


Please click here for the full speech of Commissioner Reding.