‘We consider the client’s home their dressing room’


Adolfo Domínguez is a Spanish fashion brand that has evolved around the designer Adolfo Dominguez himself. The brand prides itself of a great family tradition dating back to 1973. The label’s online shop, available in Spanish and English, ships to a variety of international destinations. What is the secret of success? The organising committee of the Global E-commerce Summit has spoken to Valeria Dominguez, e-commerce manager of Adolfo Dominguez and a visionary of omnichannel retailing. Although the brand’s identity is characterized by values such as ‘elegance’ and ‘the old world’, the family business is abreast of how fashion retail has been changing over the past decade.

‘We don’t see challenges, we see advantages’
Fashion e-commerce can be a challenging business, especially on an international level. Return rates are high, the presentation of the products is very important and competition is enormous. Adolfo Dominguez stands for Spanish love of life and artisanship – values that sell well beyond the borders. Selling online has become a vital ingredient to the label’s international success: ‘We don’t see challenges, we see advantages’, explains E-Commerce Manager Valeria Dominguez. ‘Once you start to develop an e-commerce strategy, you soon realize that it is a winning channel because it affords increasingly busy and mobile customers the ability to shop from anyplace, anywhere and from any device.’ The onlineshop offers free shipping and returns above an order value of 50 euros (75 euros for international orders). Returns are a normal part of fashion retailing: ‘We consider the client’s home their dressing room’, affirms Valeria Dominguez.

Premium brands should speak directly to their costumers
For brands, there are various ways to sell online. Amongst the options is the use of online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Rakuten. These channels can be a great asset for brands to expand internationally, believes Valeria Dominguez, but are not the ideal channel for a premium fashion brand: ‘I think that the best way to translate the elegance and style of your brand to the online sphere is to create an online flagship and speak directly to your customers. As a secondary strategy, I would consider selling through a multi-brand fashion store that was limited to premium fashion brands. Net-a-Porter would be a perfect example of a very elegant choice for luxury brands and should there be one for premium brands in the future, that will certainly be a consideration’, Valeria explains.

‘We believe in the omnichannel view of retail’
According to Mrs. Dominguez, retail channels are increasingly converging: ‘We believe in the omnichannel view of retail’, she says, adding: ‘The lines are increasingly becoming blurred between offline and online, it’s all becoming one cohesive customer experience.’ This cohesive experience must be the seller’s goal, because failure might mean that the client gets annoyed and alienates himself from the brand. Mobile is becoming an increasingly important part of the customer’s purchase experience. ‘Adolfo Dominguez has a mobile site and we expect to launch an app by this summer that will include a product scanner, geo-localization for our boutiques in relation to where the client is that is even tied to actual clothing items a client may want to try on. We are very interested in augmented reality and any new technology that can enhance our clients’ lives and experience with our brand,’ reveals Valeria Dominguez about the brand’s future m-commerce plans.

Elegance, beauty and design
Valeria Dominguez is one of the keynote speakers at this year’s Global E-Commerce Summit. What will be her message to the international audience? ‘My speech is called Beauty and the Beast because the way I see it, elegance, beauty and design are a very important part of the customer experience. We are living in an age of technological revolution, and the more that technology becomes part of our daily lives, the more we are inspired by and the more we crave the visceral and ethereal qualities of well designed objects. I view this as my main challenge; how to digitally showcase our brand to our clients and make their lives and shopping experiences more pleasurable and more inspired,’ she sums up her presentation.

Valeria Dominguez will tell you more in her presentation at the Global E-commerce Summit, on 16 – 18 June 2014. As a Company Member or Business Partner from Ecommerce Europe you get free entrance for this inspiring, three day event.Register now