What is the best omnichannel practice of 2015?


Tesco’s virtual store with QR affiliates, one hour delivery of Schuh and the delivery with drones by Amazon get a lot of attention from consumers. But what do you think is the best omnichannel practice of 2015? Send us your suggestion and you might win an Amazon gift card with a value of €100 ($110).

Distinguish yourself

In today’s market it is important to distinguish yourself from your competitors, this is the only way to survive. New forms of delivery are a trend for 2016; Amazon and Schuh are already working on this with their quick delivery and drones. Another trend is that customers are searching for comfort, this is something where Tesco properly responds to with their QR affiliates.

The report

Based on the entries, we will compile a report regarding the 25 best omnichannel practices, which will be published on January 21, 2016. This research is conducted by the Ecommerce Foundation, partner of Ecommerce Europe. The winner of this competition will also be announced on this date, and every participant will receive a copy of this report for free.

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