Women are More Satisfied when Buying Online


Women are more satisfied customers when purchasing over the Internet. This is the result of a recent study of the E-Commerce Centre (ECC Handel) and the service provider Hermes NexTec.

Loyalty is greater in women

Women were found to be more satisfied than men in all seven success factors including, among other things, website design, ease of use, the product range, price levels, payment method and shipping options and delivery. Due to their satisfaction, women are also more inclined to return back to a shop, therefore showing a higher degree of loyalty.

“It is often assumed that women are less responsive to e-commerce because the stores are programmed by men,” says Dr. Kai Hudetz, managing director of the IfH Institut for Trade Research, to which the ECC Handel belongs. “Our findings do not support this thesis – on the contrary: Women are consistently more satisfied with online retailers than male consumers.”

Men attach importance to technology

In general men place more emphasis on technical aspects such as the availability of Apps: “The trend towards shopping apps will tend to apply in the medium term also where women are concerned, as it is already predicted today that these kinds of apps will become established on the German market,” says Holger Lendner, managing director of Hermes NexTec. “Germany still lags behind the U.S. in this area by about two years, but the leap to the German mass market is only a matter of time.”

Men are goal-driven – women are inspired

If we look at the stage of preparing to purchase separately by gender, we see that men are shopping online in a more goal-driven manner than women. While men tend to inform themselves via search engines or comparison shopping sites before buying, women are more often inspired by catalogues or rely on the recommendation of friends. Recommendations play a greater role for women in general. The study shows that the willingness to recommend is also slightly higher in women than in men. With 4.14 points for women and 4.02 of a possible five points on the men’s side, a willingness to recommend an online store to friends is generally quite high.