Working Committee E-Payments invites company members


The Working Committee E-Payments will meet on Tuesday 12 February in Brussels. One important item on the agenda is the redrafting of the position paper on payments. Paul Alfing, chair of this committee: “Crucial decisions related to e-payments are on top of the agenda in Brussels. Input from our members will feed our lobby towards the EU institutions. One way to deliver input is by participating in the Working Committee”.

Besides the position paper the committee will discuss other developments like access to account (overlay services), e-Identification and the program of the pre-conference of the Global Ecommerce Summit in Barcelona.

Company members are more than welcome to participate in the Working Committee E-Payments. It gives them the opportunity to co-create the point-of views of Ecommerce Europe, address the problems the company faces and help finding solutions for a better-working e-payment system in Europe.

If you wish to play an active role in the Working Committee E-Payments and/or to attend this meeting on 12 February(13h00-15h00), please contact