Workshop Online identity & Authentication for participants pre-conferences ePayments and e-Logistics


Ecommerce Europe will host three pre-conferences on June 2nd, preceding the Global E-commerce Summit in Barcelona. One of these pre-conferences is dedicated to online payments, another pre-conference to logistics. Before lunch, both pre-conferences have their own program with specialized speakers on the topics payments and logistics.

After lunch, there is a Workshop on Online identity & Authentication. The workshop is going to be interesting for participants of both the pre-conferences as it will touch points of interest regarding online payments and with issues related to fraud reduction in the logistical chain.

A workshop with a practical approach with, among others, the cooperation of a service provider from Australia: Isignthis. iSignthis delivers an intuitive and secure process for remote authentication of credit card payments. They can authenticate any transaction originating from any credit card type.

Pre-conferences: for members and business partners of Ecommerce Europe
The pre-conferences open for all attendees of the Global E-commerce Summit (request for invitee) and if you are a member or a business partner of Ecommerce Europe, you are granted free access to both the pre-conferences and the Global E-commerce Summit. There are pre-conferences ePayments, e-Regulation & e-Privacy and e-Logistics

For more information about all the pre-conferences, please visit the Global E-commerce Summit website. Don’t forget to register if you want to have your say in future e-regulations plans. Be part of the discussion together with high-level stakeholders and support your e-commerce industry!