Worldline joins Ecommerce Europe!


Ecommerce Europe is pleased to welcome Worldline as a new business partner. “We are delightful to join Ecommerce Europe, a reliable partner to provide us with the tools and resources to stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and consumer trends. Besides increasing our company visibility, Ecommerce Europe enables us to be part of the commerce leaders and to enrich our expertise that we are pleased to share during round tables and conferences.”, stated Stéphanie Nogues, Head of Global Marketing at Worldline.

Marlene ten Ham, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe, commented: “Worldline is a major player in the e-commerce sector, providing payment facilities to millions around the world. They are a vital part of doing business online, having a vast expertise on making e-payments quicker, safer and reliable. Ecommerce Europe strives to interconnect business partners with B2C cross-border companies, thereby creating valuable industry-related opportunities. The goal is to create a business partner network by accumulating expertise and experience in order to help make cross-border e-commerce more feasible and attractive.” Ecommerce Europe business partners are the preferred suppliers of the European e-commerce industry.

About Worldline

Worldline generated annual revenues of € 1.15 billion in 2014 and currently employs over 7,300 people worldwide. The company is active in Merchant Services & Terminals, eMobility and eTransactional Services and Financial Processing. With our 40 years of expertise covering the whole payment value chain, and with millions of highly critical transactions running through its systems, Worldline creates and operates digital platforms that handle all the transactions between a company, its partners and its customers.

The company has security and continuous operational excellence as its core values. Its strong industrial processing capabilities handle billions of electronic transactions per year in its highly secure data centers. E-merchants fom all around the world are empowered to do business online through Worldline platforms. Being a major player, Worldline continuously strives towards innovation, creativity and A-to-Z support.

How to join Ecommerce Europe

If you would like to have further information on how to become business partner of Ecommerce Europe and on the advantages of the partnership, please visit our web site here.