For the digital commerce industry to continue to flourish, Ecommerce Europe calls for better enforcement, more harmonization and fair competition globally


As new and returning MEPs come back to the benches of the European Parliament and discussion around the next European Commission continues, Ecommerce Europe wants to set the tone for the upcoming mandate.

If the EU wants to unlock the growth potential of digital commerce in the coming years, policymakers and the industry must set ambitious objectives in three areas: improve enforcement of existing rules also vis-à-vis non-EU companies operating in the EU; harmonize essential rules to create a true Single Market; ensure fairness in competition policy. Finally, in addition to creating a favorable regulatory environment, policymakers should continue to boost investments in new technologies and digital skills in Europe.

Vice-President for the Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip declared: “The DSM has improved Europe’s e-commerce landscape a great deal. It has removed barriers holding up its growth and put the basics in place for cross-border e-commerce to thrive in the EU. Constant market monitoring and continuous dialogue with industry will be needed, but the most important factor will be making sure that the rules are properly applied, otherwise the benefits will be lost. The Commission will play a strong coordinating role so that enforcement is uniform across the EU but Member States themselves also need to do their part, to make sure that conditions are fair for consumers and businesses across all the EU’s internal borders.”

Marlene ten Ham, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe stated: “We need to embrace Europe’s role in the global digital revolution much more, have confidence in our e-commerce businesses and empower them to shape Europe’s digital future. If we all work together to further build on the success of the digital commerce industry, we can succeed in creating a harmonized and competitive environment where businesses will be able to grow, compete, and set sail to conquer new markets beyond Europe.”

Ecommerce Europe looks forward to continuing its fruitful cooperation with the new policymakers and the wider business community.