Digital Commerce: Our vision for Europe’s future


Today, Ecommerce Europe has unveiled its Manifesto for the upcoming European Parliament elections of June 2024, setting forth a compelling vision for the retail of the future and the future of retail.

The European Union is at a turning point. The next European elections and mandate will have a decisive impact on our ability to transition to a more circular and digital economy, without leaving anyone behind, and to become a competitive global actor. For that to happen, we need to ensure the resilience of our economy, and the businesses and people behind it. We strongly believe that the European digital commerce sector is key in achieving these objectives.”, declared Luca Cassetti, Ecommerce Europe’s Secretary General.

In the last five years, the e-commerce sector has largely proven its potential to serve the goals of the EU Single Market. From allowing European businesses to go digital and expand across borders, to avoiding irreversible disruptions for companies and consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the sector has contributed to the overall resilience of the EU. In the next five years, the digital commerce sector has the possibility to be the driving force behind a fairer and more competitive, sustainable and digital economy.

How do we get there?

In its Manifesto, Ecommerce Europe has outlined a way forward for the European Union to unlock the potential of the European economy and the digital commerce sector. This ambition can only be achieved through the guiding principles listed below. By following these principles when regulating any aspect of the economy, we could ensure that the common objective of a green, digital and inclusive economy is fulfilled:

  • Preserve channel-neutrality and companies’ ability to grow and compete.
  • Ensure the highest level of harmonisation in the EU.
  • Defend a level playing field for all companies.
  • Think enforcement first, and new rules second.
  • Think small first, to work for the 90% of companies making up our economy.
  • Understand companies’ realities to design rules they can comply with.
  • Respect better regulation principles and ensure coherence across legislations.

Where do we start?

Ecommerce Europe has put forward concrete policy priorities for the new EU mandate, which are further developed in its Manifesto, where there is clear and strong potential for the European Union in the next five years:

  • Closing the loop on the EU Circular Single Market.
  • Streamlining data requirements for business compliance and growth.
  • Leveraging digital tools to streamline and improve consumer information.
  • Partnering consumer protection with economic growth.
  • Building an innovative and competitive retail payment landscape.
  • Ensuring a streamlined taxation policy and a seamless flow of goods.

Our pledge of commitment

Ecommerce Europe reiterates its full dedication to collaborating with policymakers and a broader spectrum of stakeholders to enhance the European Union’s global competitiveness.

Download our Manifesto

Click here to download the Manifesto for the European Elections and read more about our priorities and vision for the future of the sector.

About Ecommerce Europe

Ecommerce Europe is the united voice of the European Digital Commerce sector, representing the interests of companies selling goods and services online to consumers in Europe. Our mission is to act at EU level by engaging with policymakers to create a better regulatory framework for all e-merchants. Ecommerce Europe is a platform where our members can stay informed, exchange best practices, and define common positions on EU legislation impacting the sector.


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