General Information

Country: Czech Republic

Official language: Czech

National Association (NA): APEK

Currency: Koruna (CZK)

Overview of Czechian e-commerce statistics

Internet penetration: 88%

% of e-shoppers: 68%

e-GDP: 2.95%

Turnover growth: 16%

Czechian online population

The Czech Republic’s population in 2019 was 10.6 million people, of which 88% use the internet.

Czechian e-commerce

Czechian e-commerce sales reached €5.25 billions in 2018.


National Association


Founded in 2006, Asociace pro elektronickou komerci (APEK) is an association of more than 300 companies and experts operating in e-commerce business in Czech Republic. The main objectives are to continously develop Czech e-commerce and to support members in professional education, legislation issues and communication with the Czech administration. The members of APEK cover more than 70% of Czech e-commerce turnover.

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