General information

Country: Finland

Official language: Finnish

National Association (NA): Finnish Commerce Federation;
Internet Industry Finland

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Overview of Finnish e-commerce statistics

Internet penetration: 96%

% of e-shoppers: 72%

e-GDP: 1.34%

Turnover growth: 8.21%

Finnish online population

Finland’s population in 2019 was 5.5 million people, of which 96% use the internet.

Finnish   e-commerce

Finnish e-commerce sales reached €2.9 billions in 2018.

National Association

Finnish Commerce Federation

Finnish Commerce Federation is a nationwide lobbying organisation whose mission is to promote Finnish commerce. We work to improve the operating conditions for companies active in wholesale and retail trade, to stimulate co-operation within the sector and to enhance the commercial and employer interests of our members.

We play an important role in the labour market, negotiating collective labour agreements, resolving labour disputes and serving our members in employment issues. Our aim is to increase further the scope and relevance our member services. We maintain a databank on Finnish commerce and publish news about our sector to members.

Become a member!

Becoming a member of the Finnish Commerce Federation has several advantages:

  1. Free access to the European and Global B2C Ecommerce Light reports
  2. Participation in all activities, events and conferences
  3. Receive advice from qualified experts
  4. Receive negotiation support
  5. Access to training events