General information

Country: Greece

Official language: Greek

National Association (NA): GRECA

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Overview of Greek e-commerce statistics

Internet penetration: 72%

% of e-shoppers: 50%

e-GDP: 2.96%

Turnover growth: 7%

Greek e-commerce population 

Greece’s population  in 2019 was  11 million people, of which 72% use the internet.

Greek e-commerce 

Greek e-commerce sales reached €5.43 billions in 2018.

National Association


GRECA stands for GReek ECommerce Association, a national body that was established in 2012 in Greece by 22 ecommerce companies (founding committee). By 2014 more than 100 members joined GRECA and it’s communication channels reach more than 2.000 senior eCommerce decision-makers in Greece. Key activities include networking, education, lobbying with the state and other national bodies, building trust to the end consumers. Greece is the second fastest-growing country in Europe for B2C online sales, according to eCommerce Europe’s 2013 report, with more than 3B Euros turnover.

Become a member!

Becoming a member of GRECA has several advantages:

  1. Free access to the European and Global B2C Ecommerce Light reports
  2. Participation in all activities, events and conferences
  3. Prove of professional ethics and trust by adding GRECA  logo on website