The Netherlands

The Netherlands

General information

Country: The Netherlands

Official language: Dutch, Frisian

National Association (NA):

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Overview of Dutch e-commerce statistics

Internet penetration: 96%

% of e-shoppers: 85%

e-GDP: 3.28%

Turnover growth: 5.30%

Dutch online population

Dutch  population in 2019 was 17 million people, of which 96% use the internet.

Dutch e-commerce

Dutch e-commerce sales reached €23.72 billions in 2018.

National Association is the Dutch branch association for businesses that sell products and services to consumers (B2C) via the internet, catalogues and/or the post. The association shares e-commerce knowledge and promotes the interests of its members both nationally and internationally. In addition, has a national online shopping trustmark and devotes itself to the interests of the consumers that purchase from its members.

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