All facts and figures in the B2C E-commerce Reports!


Did you know that the three largest e-commerce countries in the world are China (€ 405.1bn), the USA (€ 363.3bn) and the UK (€ 127.2bn)? And are you curious about how other countries performed? In cooperation with the Ecommerce Foundation, Ecommerce Europe has recently launched several interesting reports with facts and figures about B2C e-commerce in Europe and worldwide.

Facts and figures in 2014

The European and Global B2C E-commerce Reports provide readers with detailed, accurate and relevant information about B2C e-commerce and other related subjects in countries from all over the world in 2014. Their content includes figures that are based on the Global Online Measurement Standard for B2C E-commerce (GOMSEC), interviews with e-commerce experts, and clear tables and infographics. The light version of these Global and European B2C e-commerce reports can be downloaded for free from Ecommerce Europe’s site

B2C e-commerce continues to grow in 2015

The global B2C e-commerce turnover has increased steadily since 2010, with a yearly growth rate of around 25.0%. However, this trend is not expected to continue in 2015, as a growth rate of 15.8% is forecast. This will result in a global B2C e-commerce turnover of € 1,692bn. Even though this growth rate is still significant, its decrease can be seen as a first sign of the global B2C e-commerce market becoming more and more mature.

Despite the fact that China’s B2C e-commerce growth rate is expected to decrease from 63.8% to 21.6%, it will remain one of the fastest-growing B2C e-commerce markets in the world. As a result, it will continue to increase its lead on the USA and the UK, which markets are forecast to grow by 12.0% and 13.1%, respectively.

Holidays important for e-commerce

The holiday season is an important period for most physical and online stores. “During the last six weeks of the year, 21.2% of Europe’s total online turnover will be achieved. Last year, this amounted to € 101.2bn in Europe,” says Roald Willemsen, Researcher E-commerce at Ecommerce Europe. “On a global scale, 22.5% of the total B2C e-commerce sales is achieved in the final six weeks of the year. In 2014, this resulted in a global online holiday season turnover of € 328.7bn.”