Starting from today over 10,000 certified online shops can join the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark for free. The objective of the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark is to stimulate cross-border e-commerce through better protection for consumers and merchants by establishing one European set of rules and by ensuring clear communication on these rules.

The President of Ecommerce Europe, Mr. François Momboisse, declared: “The roll-out of the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark represents a big step forward to stimulate trust in online cross-border transactions. In an environment with multiple Trustmark schemes in the development phase, the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark is the only non-profit trustmark with more than 10,000 certified companies. It is also the only pan-European trustmark with its own consumer-friendly complaints handling system. And perhaps most importantly it is the only European trustmark that is free for members of participating national associations. It is essential that European regulators give their support to the most reliable and accessible schemes, such as the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark”.

Better protection for consumers

The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark has been developed in continuous dialogue with consumer organizations, both on national and on European level. Together with these consumer organizations and almost 20 national e-commerce associations, Ecommerce Europe has developed a clear and comprehensive set of rights and obligations for online sales. Online merchants carrying the Trustmark commit themselves to clear communication on these rules. Moreover, Ecommerce Europe provides consumers with easy access to a complaint handling system in their own language to solve possible disputes in a fast and low-cost way.

Transparency before, during and after the sale

The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark has a clear and recognizable label. By clicking on it, the consumer will be led to the Code of Conduct and a clear explanation of his or her rights and the commitments of the merchant. The Code of Conduct will include for instance the commitment of the merchant to be clear and transparent on the offer and prices before the consumer enters the order process, and the commitment of the merchant to offer the client transparent, easily acceptable and safe payment methods at real costs.

More harmonization on European level

At this moment, Ecommerce Europe is in the first phase of theroll-ou t of its Trustmark, where theEcommerc e Europe Trustmark is connected to a membership of participating National Associations. This means that more than 10,000 online shops in Europe which are certified by a National Association can already carry the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark next to the national trustmark. The final goal is to reach more harmonization on a European level, and this will be performed in a second phase by upgrading the Trustmark set of criteria in all countries.