Austria joins Ecommerce Europe with aCommerce Team


The Austrian based aCommerce Team has joined Ecommerce Europe, the European umbrella organisation for e-commerce consisting of associations and companies selling products and/or services online to consumers. aCommerce Team is the Austrian e-commerce association, representing over 150 e-tailers in Austria. Stephan Grad, founder of aCommerce Team: “E-commerce is not limited to one country – once you start your e-commerce business, customers from all over Europe can reach out to your shop – your boutique to the world. This is why it is important for the aCommerce Team to be part of the Ecommerce Europe association; to provide experts know-how from each and every region to our members”.

aCommerce Team

The newly established Austrian e-commerce industry was founded in 2013 as avision for the Austrian e-commerce. Raffael Tannheimer and Stephan Grad initially started aCommerce Team as an event program. As the feedback of the Austrian e-commerce market was very positive, they decided to found an independent association in February 2014 to provide for public affairs representation and to support the e-commerce market in Austria with know-how, professional trainings and networking opportunities from e-commerce insiders, for e-commerce insiders.

François Momboisse, President of the Board of Directors of Ecommerce Europe, is extremely pleased about the Austrian e-commerce association becoming a member. “Some countries, just like Austria, have been struck by the economic crisis. But the e-commerce market is still growing. The fact that Austria joined Ecommerce Europe recently, shows that they are willing to grow and that their market gets more and more professional. We foresee a huge growth in the Austrian e-commerce market.”

“The Austrian ecommerce market is currently evolving – we were not first movers in the market, but now as we see which strategies work in which industries we are speeding up and doing our best to keep up with Germany”, says Grad. Austria has the second largest e-commerce market in Central Europe, with an estimated turnover of online sold products and services of € 10.9bn in 2013.

In about two weeks, Ecommerce Europe will publish the Central European B2C E-commerce Report, with country profiles and infographics regarding the facts and figures of the e-commerce market in Austria, Germany and Poland amongst others.