Board of Directors Ecommerce Europe appointed in Barcelona


The new Board of Directors is expected to provide direction in governing the organisation that promotes the interests of European webshops

Ecommerce Europe, the new European umbrella organisation for webshops, appointed a Board of Directors as well as an Executive Committee, during its first General Members’ Meeting and the subsequent meeting of the Board of Directors. The meetings took place in Barcelona, just before the annual Global E-commerce Summit.

Ecommerce Europe promotes the interests – on a European level – of cross-border webshops that sell online products and/or services to consumers. Lobby organisations from seven different European countries have joined forces to form the umbrella organisation. Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden are participating in the organisation for webshops. Applications for membership have already been received from 20 companies and the first business partners have already become affiliated with the new lobby organisation.

BoD 2012

The national lobby organisations and the business world are represented on the Board of Directors of Ecommerce Europe.Ecommerce Europe’s Board of Directors is comprised of the following persons:

  • François Momboisse, President of the Board of Directors, President of FEVAD, France
  • Wijnand Jongen, Vice-President, member of the Executive Committee, director of, The Netherlands
  • Annette Falberg, Vice-President, member of the Executive Committee, director of FDIH, Denmark
  • Marc Lolivier, Vice-Precident, member of the Executive Committee, director FEVAD, France
  • Gerard Anthun, director of Norwegian Mail Order Association, Norway
  • Xavier Court, co-founder and associate of, France
  • Ulric Jerome, executive director of Pixmania, France
  • Bo Lindell, director of the Swedish Distance Selling Association (SDh), Sweden
  • Roberto Liscia, President of Netcomm, Italy
  • Carine Moitier, director of Becommerce, Belgium
  • Paul Nijhof, CEO of RFS Holland Holding BV, the Netherlands

Together, Wijnand Jongen (chairman), Marc Lolivier and Annette Falberg form the Executive Committee, which means they are responsible for the day-to-day management of Ecommerce Europe.

BoD members 2012

Reliable partner in dialogue for Europe

The brand new chairman, François Momboisse, says that the objectives of Ecommerce Europe are ‘ambitious’. “There’s much to be done. In a considerable number of fields Europe rather resembles a ‘patchwork quilt’. During the next few years we will be working towards greater uniformity in the field of payment transactions, logistics and legislation. The European market is an open market. In practice, webshops are still faced with numerous obstacles in order to be able to trade across borders efficiently. While online sales is so pre-eminently suited to cross-border sales. It is extremely relevant for the European Commission to have a good and reliable partner in dialogue acting as a voice for European webshops which sell in numerous European countries.”

Ecommerce Europe pre-conferences at Global E-commerce Summit

This year Ecommerce Europe organised three pre-conferences prior to the annual Global E-commerce Summit. This year the summit gathered together webshops, suppliers and stakeholders from more than 30 countries in order to discuss current topics surrounding e-commerce, to learn from one another and to network. During the pre-conferences on e-regulatory, e-payments and e-logistics, the umbrella organisation provided European institutions, stakeholders and business partners who are active in the branch with the opportunity of sharing their vision on topics that are currently in the spotlight. These contributions form the input for the nascent policy of the new European umbrella organisation.

A growing number of webshops are members

Businesses that operate in several European countries can become full members. Leading suppliers of the e-commerce branch are welcome as business partner. Furthermore, organisations that feel they have an affinity with the European e-commerce industry can register as an associative partner.