Ecommerce Europe appoints new Chair for its e-Logistics Working Group


Ecommerce Europe has the pleasure to announce the appointment of Alexandre Nilo Fonseca, President of ACEPI, the Portuguese digital economy association, and member of the Board of Directors, as the new Chair of its e-Logistics Working Group. Mr. Fonseca then succeeds Mr. César Tello, former Chair, who Ecommerce Europe would like to warmly thank for its hard work and dedication at the head of the Working Group for almost two years.

“This appointment comes at a time of great challenges for e-commerce both in Europe and globally with the new digital technologies and transformation set to reinvent the logistics business around the world, especially when consumer demands and needs on delivery have such an impact on the success of the online business. It is a great honor to represent Ecommerce Europe and chair the e-Logistics Working Group. Looking forward to contribute to support the initiatives lead by Ecommerce Europe to fully integrate the European parcel delivery market, in order to foster the growth of e-commerce across the European Union, enabling  open standards – a key factor for its full functioning, to boost a higher competitiveness,” said Alexandre Nilo Fonseca the newly appointed Chair of the Ecommerce Europe’s e-Logistics Working Group.

The purpose of the e-Logistics  Working Group   is to further boost Ecommerce Europe’s solid expertise in parcel delivery as well as creating a platform where  stakeholders can exchange information, ideas and best practices. In the words of the Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe, Marlene ten Ham, this Working Group “actively brings stakeholders together to discuss and stimulate change, with the objective of harmonizing the currently fragmented market in the interest of online merchants.” High European delivery performance is a key driver for the success of online merchants and their business models, and this scenario can only be achieved if the actors of the logistic chain cooperate and actively engage in shaping the necessary market fundamentals.

Ecommerce Europe would therefore like to welcome the expertise of Alexandre Nilo Fonseca as he will help the  Working   Group continue delivering solutions for the biggest users of parcel delivery services. Also, the  Working  Group  will ensure that standards shaped at global as well as European level remain coherent and interoperable in order to develop a truly international parcel delivery market.