Ecommerce Europe launches its campaign on Sustainability and e-Commerce


Today, 22 September, Ecommerce Europe is proud to kick off its campaign with the publication of the first edition of its Collaborative Report on Sustainability and E-commerce in Europe. On this occasion, this afternoon Ecommerce Europe is also organizing a high-level conference on this issue, with two panels of experts from the value chain and the European Institutions that will dive into the topic.

The Report, which was written in cooperation with Ecommerce Europe’s members, gathers a variety of information, studies and best practices, which are meant to serve as a source of information for businesses and policymakers across the EU and beyond. As the industry continuously develops new research and solutions, the report will be updated accordingly. Ecommerce Europe’s ambition is to provide research and concrete examples that can inform future debates on this issue, which are often still detached from the reality on the ground and influenced by perception rather than facts.

“As part of a complex social, environmental, and economic ecosystem, businesses from all sectors have rethought the way they produce, the way they exchange, and how and what they sell to consumers. We strongly believe that the e-commerce sector is a bridge between the digitalisation of our society and the transition to a more sustainable economy. It is a sector in constant and rapid evolution, shaped by new technologies, new ambitions, ideas and new demands, making it capable of spearheading innovative sustainable solutions”, stated Luca Cassetti, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe, on the occasion of the launch of the campaign.

The e-commerce sector has a lot to bring to the table when discussing how policymaking can contribute to this transition. Sustainability and digitalisation have been put at the heart of the European policy agenda, with a renewed, holistic approach through the European Green Deal. European policymakers have a unique opportunity to put the continent at the forefront of the transition to a sustainable economy and a digitalised and inclusive society, as these evolutions cannot and should not be treated as separate challenges. Our transition to a sustainable economy will require strong cooperation among all relevant stakeholders, and ambitious and innovative policy solutions that are based on more than perceptions of an issue.

Join us today at 14h30 (CEST) to kickstart the discussion! Click here to register for free.


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