Ecommerce Europe takes initiative for better parcel delivery


Ecommerce Europe publishes its vision on how to come to a better integrated European market for parcel delivery. The position paper “e-Logistics: A need for integrated European solutions” takes stock of the current market initiatives aimed at achieving the objectives defined in the European Commission’s parcel delivery roadmap. Even more importantly, it lays out a concrete action plan on how the delivery and the e-commerce sector can come together to deal with the e-logistics barriers which still remain.

Difficult cross-border logistics holds back e-commerce growth

The Ecommerce Europe survey “Barriers to Growth” shows that nearly half of companies selling abroad, 44%, views cross-border logistics and distribution as a difficult barrier to overcome. The survey also shows that 15% of companies not selling at the international level refrain from doing so because of excessive transportation costs.Marlene ten Ham, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe, comments: “Research amongst our members shows that inefficient cross-border delivery is consistently in the top three of biggest barriers for online merchants to sell in another Member State. High European delivery performance is a key driver for the success of web merchants’ business models. I see it as our job to bring merchants and the delivery sector together to come to workable solutions”.

Online platform connects merchants and providers

Ecommerce Europe takes up its role in stimulating growth by developing initiatives such as the creation of an online e-Logistics Platform. This platform will connect merchants, service providers and databases and aims at more transparency, improved service, and better affordability of delivery services. “The Ecommerce Europe e-Logistics Platform will have an enormous impact on transparency, cost decrease and quality improvement. It will be the catalyst power at the centre of the whole e-Logistics ecosystem”, Stéphane Tomczak, Chair of the Ecommerce Europe e-Logistics Expert Group, asserts. Besides presenting the platform, in the position paper Ecommerce Europe also makes recommendations to the delivery sector on decreasing costs and increasing the reliability and quality of its services – without requesting financial investment from shippers or delivery operators.

Next steps

Ecommerce Europe maintains a continuous dialogue with policy makers and the suppliers of the e-commerce industry in order to consolidate market solutions for integrated European parcel delivery. For a detailed overview of Ecommerce Europe’s recommendations, please click here to read the full position paper.