Ecommerce Europe welcomes Romanian e-commerce association ARMO as its new member


The Romanian e-commerce association, ARMO, has joined Ecommerce Europe . By joining, ARMO increases the number of national e-commerce associations affiliated to Ecommerce Europe to 19. Ecommerce Europe is happy to welcome a member from Romania, which strengthens the organization’s position as the voice of the e-commerce industry in Europe.

Marlene Ten Ham, Secretary-General of Ecommerce Europe, is pleased to have the Romanian e-commerce association on board and commented that “both ARMO and Ecommerce Europe understand the need for an improved European policy framework that is fit for the rapidly evolving e-commerce industry. We are looking forward to collaborating and achieve our mutual goals in the European context, including breaking down barriers to e-commerce at the European and global levels.”

Florinel Chis, Executive Director of ARMO, is delighted to be part of Ecommerce Europe and stated that “this is a step forward for Romanian e-commerce as it means access to the European e-commerce landscape. Joining Ecommerce Europe was a natural step and we are positioning the fast-growing Romanian e-commerce sector on the EU map. We appreciate the work Ecommerce Europe is doing, including research papers and data, position papers and the contribution to increasing trust in e-commerce with its Trustmark. We look forward to exchanging best practices and we are happy to assist Ecommerce Europe in a proactive way.”

Committed to promoting the growth of the e-commerce sector

ARMO (Asociatia Romana a Magazinelor Online) was founded in 2010 and its main goal is to grow e-commerce in Romania, as the main easy and safe way to shop, allowing customers to purchase the goods they want from the comfort of their home. ARMO is supporting online stores and the e-commerce environment locally, developing a code of best practices and a certification program for online stores, and representing the interests of its members to national, local, and supranational authorities.

A fast-growing e-commerce market in Europe

Romania is an important emerging market in the e-commerce sector, with very rapid growth, of 24.2% for the year 2015. With this rapid growth, the total value of the e-commerce sector reached €1.4 billion in 2015 and is forecast to reach over €2bn this year. Moving forward, there is a lot of potential for growth in the Romanian e-commerce sector, as 2016 figures showed that 6.8 million people have shopped online in Romania.