Ecommerce Europe welcomes two new members to its Board of Directors


Ecommerce Europe welcomes the appointment of two new members to its Board of Directors: Ms. Lorraine Higgins, CEO of Retail Excellence, and Mr. Janne Koivisto, Senior Advisor of the Finnish Commerce Federation. With these recent additions, Ecommerce Europe further strengthens the governance of its association and the continuation of its smooth work.

 Marlene ten Ham, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe, is pleased to announce that Ireland and Finland joined the Board of Directors. “Ms. Higgins and Mr. Koivisto will be a valuable addition to the Board of Ecommerce Europe, thanks to their their extensive experience in the areas of retail and digital commerce. Retail Excellence and the Finnish Commerce Federation have been both involved with the activities of Ecommerce Europe in the past years and today we are glad to see them joining the governance of the European e-commerce association”, declared Marlene ten Ham. “We look forward to working together to break down barriers to e-commerce at regional, European and global level”, she added.

Lorraine Higgins, CEO of Retail Excellence, commenting on her recent appointment “I am delighted to be appointed to the Board of Directors of Ecommerce Europe. It is a great honour to be nominated to this position and to be given the opportunity to represent our members and help shape future developments of the European Digital economy. Retail Excellence are long-time members of Ecommerce Europe and their support has been invaluable to Irish retailers looking to expand across the EU. Having regularly attended Committee meetings to discuss issues relating to VAT, Logistics and e-Regulations, I am fully aware of the challenges businesses face when trying to remain competitive in a constantly evolving digital marketplace. I look forward to working together with fellow Board Members as we strive to promote a fairer platform for retailers but also a safer online shopping marketplace for consumers”.

Janne Koivisto, Senior Advisor of the Finnish Commerce Federation, expressed his enthusiasm about joining the Board of Directors of Ecommerce Europe by stating that “the rapid growth of e-commerce and the development of the Digital Single Market are topics of utmost importance in the next few years for European retail. I find the active and high-level lobbying of Ecommerce Europe regarding all digital-related topics very beneficial for the Finnish retail sector as well. The preparation to the application of GDPR and many ongoing and forthcoming Commission legislative initiatives concerning e-commerce are topics I am happy to be involved in as a new Board Member”.