Ecommerce Europe’s Collaborative Report on Sustainability and e-Commerce – 2nd edition


Today, 3 June 2021, Ecommerce Europe is proud to publish the 2nd edition of its Collaborative Report on Sustainability and E-commerce in Europe. This edition builds on the collective work of Ecommerce Europe and its members in the past months, and aspires to provide new and updated information, studies and best practices from across the continent.

This collection of materials sheds light on the role e-commerce plays today, but also the role it can play tomorrow, as we collectively continue to work towards a more sustainable future. Our ambition is to provide research and examples that can inform debates on this issue, which are often still influenced by perception rather than facts.

Sharing information and best practices and demystifying certain preconceived ideas on e-commerce are vital to guide retailers as they embrace the transition towards a carbon-neutral industry and to develop a sound and fact-based legislative framework to accompany the transition to a sustainable economy”, stated Luca Cassetti, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe.

The growth of e-commerce should be considered an opportunity to structurally shift to more sustainable retail and consumption practices, as well as a chance to use the digitalisation of our society to make the transition to a more sustainable economy. With a clear and global trend towards omnichannel commerce and experiences, businesses have the possibility to explore and use the best mix of solutions to provide accessible, affordable and sustainable models. Today, policymakers also have a clear opportunity to deliver on channel-neutral legislation and continue to embed digitalisation as a key component of sustainability policies, and sustainability as a key component of digital policy.

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