Key executives point out top global challenges for e-commerce at Global Ecommerce Round Table 2016


E-commerce industry leaders from the United States of America, Brazil, China, Russia and many countries in Europe expressed their concerns about global challenges in e-commerce. The directors of e-commerce associations around the world discussed global and regional opportunities for online shopping, and established cooperation to jointly tackle the key challenges to global e-commerce.

The Global Ecommerce Round Table is a yearly initiative of Ecommerce Europe and the Ecommerce Foundation to strengthen cooperation between e-commerce associations around the world. In this second edition, the high-level participants agreed that several key challenges on both national and global level for the e-commerce sector remain, and specifically stressed the need to work together in developing global interoperable frameworks for online sales. To this end the participants took a manifesto home with the key challenges in global e-commerce to incorporate global solutions into their national policy strategies. The key problem areas they defined in global e-commerce are:

  • Payments: Difference in preferred payments methods (e-payments, cash on delivery);
  • Geography and market: Lack of global mind-set, small market size, location and connections to other markets, competition issues;
  • Taxes: VAT, export tax, burden on SMEs;
  • Skills: Lack of digital skills, not promoted enough by governments, lack of professionals;
  • Logistics: Monopolies, poor service (expensive, slow);
  • Consumers’ trust and rights: Lack of trust, difference in legislation EU/non-EU and within the EU;
  • Capital: Difficulties to get investments (local/foreign); and
  • Legislation: Lagging behind the e-commerce development, contract rules, intellectual property rights, custom rules.

Wijnand Jongen, Chair of the Global Ecommerce Round Table and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Ecommerce Europe comments: “With an estimated worldwide turnover of $2,205bn in 2015 and a 20.1% growth rate, the e-commerce sector is booming. Internet knows no borders and a well-functioning e-commerce market is by definition a global one. We are therefore happy to welcome our high-level participants today to discuss how to work closer together on reaching this goal.”

Over 60 directors from -amongst others – the National Retail Federation from the USA, the Cross-border Ecommerce Application Alliances (CCEAA) and BECA from China as well as the Brazilian ABComm came together at the Global Ecommerce Round Table in Barcelona.