New European Umbrella Organisation is to Promote the Interests of Webshops


On Friday 17th February 2012, the associations that promote the interests of webshops in seven countries decided to set up a new European association for the promotion of interests. Ecommerce Europe should commence its activities in the spring.

Brussels has always lacked a real representative who could speak on behalf of B2C commerce. The objective of  Ecommerce Europe  is to defend the interests of webshops via lobbying, communication and providing a network for businesses.

Promotion of Interests

The association will focus primarily on reinforcing the success of webshops and the right investment climate for webshops. It will do this by robustly promoting their interests and by lobbying European institutions. Ecommerce Europe will initially focus on three subjects: regulations (privacy and consumer rights), payments transactions and logistics/sustainability.

Business Partner Programme

National associations, such as, and cross-border retailers can become members. The founders are from Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. Ecommerce Europe also provides a Business Partner programme.