Spanish E-commerce Association Adigital joins Ecommerce Europe


Adigital, the Spanish association for e-commerce has joined Ecommerce Europe, the leading European umbrella organization for online retailers. Adigital is a non-profit organization represents over 500 companies that are transforming the shape of the digital arena in Spain. José Luis Zimmermann, Director of Adigital: “Spanish web shops will benefit from a strong voice in Europe. Ecommerce Europe guarantees this.” Ecommerce Europe now represents over 3.000 B2C e-commerce companies selling products and/or services online in Europe.

According to Adigital, it is extremely important to have good, unequivocal European legislation for cross-border web shops. Zimmermann stated: “This is extremely important for Spanish web shops. Too often in Europe we encounter all sorts of obstacles that hamper rather than facilitate cross-border sales.”

François Momboisse, President of the Board of Directors of Ecommerce Europe, is pleased that the Spanish association has joined Ecommerce Europe: “This will greatly strengthen Ecommerce Europe’s voice in Europe. We will do all we can to bring the specific interests of Spanish cross-border web shops in Europe into the limelight. This will definitely enable them to find the right contacts within Europe. The reverse also applies, and the affiliate parties will also benefit from gaining access to the Spanish ones.”


Adigital is the frame of reference for the private and public sectors in Spain in issues related to legislation, e-commerce, innovation, digital marketing and communication. Internet, the Web 2.0, social networks and new technologies are producing a true economic and social revolution that affects the approach in which we do business today. It changes the way in which we deal with our clients, employees, teams and suppliers. This is what the digital economy is all about.

The Spanish Digital Economy Association, Adigital, involves companies that are interested in the development of the digital economy in order to stay aware of the newest trends and interests within this sector.

Spanish e-commerce figures

In a recent forecast for 2012, Ecommerce Europe predicted a 22% growth for the total B2C e-commerce market in Europe, to a projected turnover of 305 billion euro. Online purchases are increasing explosively, particularly in Southern Europe. The Spanish e-commerce market was predicted to grow by 19% in 2012 to a total of 12.9 billion euro. Ecommerce Europe’s figures are compiled in cooperation with various e-commerce associations around Europe and in cooperation with GfK (Consumer Research).