Chamber of Digital Economy publishes a report on sustainability in e-commerce


Ecommerce Europe’s Polish member, The Chamber of Digital Economy, published a report on sustainability in e-commerce. The report, titled Green Generation, shows that Polish consumers generally spot environmentally-unfriendly behaviours of retailers. On the other hand, they do not quite want to take responsibility for making e-commerce less harmful to the environment. In particular, it is about financial responsibility, e.g. extra charges for more ecological packaging or deliveries, because they already engage in some environmentally-friendly practices, such as collecting parcels from dedicated points.

The report also lists seven things e-merchants could do to win over eco-consumers. These include offering an option to have parcels delivered to a dedicated location rather than just to the consumer’s apartment or house, using eco-friendly packaging fillers, delivery by electric vehicles,  offering longer waiting periods for  delivery of products etc.

In addition, several  experts  give their inputs  on   how to be more sustainable in e-commerce. These include,  Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska  (President of Chamber of Digital Economy),  Justyna Skorupska  (Board Representative & Omnichannel Expert at e-point SA and Vice-President of the Council of the Chamber of Digital Economy), Marta Wyglądała   (, and Agnieszka Bukowska (Less Waste Poland).

The full report in English is available here.