E-Regulation Position Paper Ecommerce Europe


In a new position paper Ecommerce Europe sets out its ideas and proposals for sustainable growth of E-commerce in the EU. Five regulatory issues need to be tackled.

E-commerce has enabled consumers to access goods and services from all over Europe. As such, e-commerce has contributed significantly to the European economy in general and the success of the European Single Digital Market in particular. But while e-commerce has grown spectacularly over these past two decades, the EU has not yet taken full advantage of the benefits provided by the Single Market.

In the Digital Agenda, the Commission outlines its plans to create a vibrant single digital market. Ecommerce Europe welcomes the efforts of the European Commission in this area and wishes to contribute to this important effort. Ecommerce Europe identified (5) important regulatory topics that hinder further growth of ecommerce within the EU: The general rules governing ecommerce transactions, consumer protection, alternative (online) dispute resolution, electronic signatures and ePrivacy

Efficient regulatory framework
In the position paper “proposals for sustainable growth of E-commerce in the EU” Ecommerce Europe sets out its ideas on the steps that need to be taken to create an effective, flexible and efficient regulatory framework that stimulates trust in (cross-border) e-commerce transactions. Ecommerce Europe:

  • Seeks a fair balance between consumer and citizens’ rights and the proper functioning of the digital internal market.
  • Seeks more self-regulation based on dialogue with online merchants’ organizations and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Wants consumer rights throughout Europe to be harmonized as much as possible and at the same high level in all Member States and therefore calls for a dialogue between industry and decision-makers in order to overcome and avoid unnecessary, burdensome restrictions.
  • Wants to lower the (administrative) burdens and costs of mandatory consumer information and the impact of the right of withdrawal.
  • Wants alternative dispute resolution developed in line with national ‘good-practice’ ADRs. The goal is to achieve common European regulation at the same level in all Member States. The European regulation should be a legal framework with room for self-regulation in different branches.

Signing up for the committee?
Download the full positionpaper a deliverable of the e-regulatory working committee of Ecommerce Europe. Want to sign up for the committee being a member of Ecommerce Europe? Please contact Klaas Jan Lageschaar.