EU Digitalisation of Transport and Logistics: Commission Finalises EU-wide Legislative Proposal


Three years ago, the directorate general “Mobility and Transport” (DG MOVE) initiated the Digital Transport and Logistic Forum (DTLF), a selected group of experts, representing all different transport modes, European associations and governments.

Digitalisation in transportation is crucial

Extensive groundwork has been done. The two main outcomes are: There is a necessity to digitalise various documents in all different modes of transport to achieve significant efficiency gains in logistics, primarily in the EU, but also globally. A federated infrastructure that is commodity-like (in the sense of an open solution) for data sharing and similar to the Internet must be established in a safe and secure way so as to be trusted.

DG MOVE used the work done and prepared an extensive impact assessment on the findings of the two subgroups of the DTLF. The legacy of the missing digitalisation in transport and logistics was assessed. The
benefit the implementation of electronic documents would constitute for businesses and the industry concerned was quantified. The cost reduction and gain in efficiency would be substantial. “We at Händlerbund are extremely pleased that our expert Walter Trezek has actively incorporated our practical experience and expertise into the work of the committee and, on behalf of German e-commerce, has supported the draft law on the EU’s third mobility package in terms of content.” said Florian Seikel, director of Public Affairs and Associations at Händlerbund.

Third EU Mobility Package: Legal Framework for the Digitalisation of EU transport documents

Most likely, the legislative proposal, as an integrative part of the 3rd EU Mobility package, will be made public and approved on 2 May 2018. The regulatory direction chosen shall aim at an EU-wide legal framework, to ensure Europe wide application of digital documents related to the transport of goods. Member States shall have to except authorised electronic formats, and the necessary rules and conditions shall be put in place in the EU Digital Single Market.

Händlerbund & BdKEP are contributing actively, as experts in the work of DG MOVE’s DTLF.

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Florian Seikel
Director of Public Affairs and Associations
+49 341 926590