e-Payments Working Committee

The e-Payments Working Committee deals with a wide range of topics with the objective of promoting a competitive European payment landscape that enables the development of innovative, cost-effective and secure payment services. Some of the those topics include the digital transformation of payments, consumers trust and convenience, as well as cross-border/pan-European reach of payments. Moreover, Ecommerce Europe is a Member of the Board of the Euro Retail Payment Board (ERPB), via its representative Mr. Marc Nieto (Adigital).

The Chair of the e-Payments Working Committee is Roberto Liscia (Consorzia Netcomm, Italy). Mr. Liscia has a long standing career. After graduating in Nuclear Engineering and obtaining a Master in Business Administration, he developed a long managerial experience in the Fiat Group, at Banca Nazionale del Lavoro and at Arnoldo Mondadori Editore. He then became a management consulting Partner for the Strategy area of PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Besides his role with Ecommerce Europe. Roberto Liscia is a Professor of Industrial Marketing at the Milan Polytechnic University, a member of the Steering Committee of Assinform – the national association of IT companies, and President of Nettcomm, the Consortium for Electronic Commerce.