Amazon publishes its EU Impact Report 2023


A newly published report on Amazon’s EU economic impact captures its long-term investment in the EU, its support for SMEs as well as its efforts to stimulate economic growth in rural areas and provide employment opportunities in post-industrial areas.  

Some of the key stats from the Amazon EU Impact Report 2023 include: 

  •  Around 14,000 of the EU-based SMEs selling in Amazon stores are located in predominantly rural EU areas and achieved more than €3.8 billion in sales during 2022 – that’s over 10% of total sales on Amazon by EU SMEs; 
  • Based on research by Frontier Economics, more than 50% of people working in the Fulfillment Centres analysed in post-industrial areas had been unemployed before joining Amazon; 
  • With more than 150,000 employees across 21 EU Member States and over €150 billion of investments since 2010, Amazon is a committed long-term investor in the European Union; 
  • Sales on Amazon by EU SMEs exceeded €30 billion last year, sustaining over 250,000 new jobs across the EU to support their businesses online. 

 For more information, visit Amazon’s dedicated blog post, and download the report here.