E-commerce associations and companies take action to support Ukraine


Ecommerce Europe is following the situation in Ukraine and our thoughts are with the victims of this conflict. Since the start of the war, national e-commerce associations and companies across Europe have started to take actions and initiatives to support Ukraine in this difficult moment.

Ecommerce Europe is gathering relevant initiatives put forward by our sector, to increase visibility and eventually inspire other organisations willing to take action.

This page will be regularly updated with relevant information.  If you wish to add your contribution to this page, please reach out to Ms. Margherita Corsaro at  margheritacorsaro@ecommerce-europe.eu .

Chamber of Digital Economy (Polish e-commerce association)


The Chamber is collecting staples and other necessary goods for the citizens of Ukraine, such as digital devices, sleeping bags, care and hygiene products, medical kits and food.

The Chamber is engaging with the Polish Red Cross to gather the goods, which will be sent to the Ukrainian Red Cross to be finally distributed to the Ukrainian citizens

The Chamber has cooperated with its member company Lubasz i Wspólnicy to prepare a guide (both in Polish and in Ukrainian) for refugees helping to gain the most important information about:

  • What documents are the basis for entry to Poland
  • Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and border crossings
  • Legal stay in Poland
  • Basic assistance after crossing border to Poland
  • Useful contact details

The Chamber promotes initiatives by Polish actors

  • The Polish government has launched a website to inform the public on how to help Ukrainian citizens financially or logistically
  • A Polish NGO, Centaurus Foundation, has launched a campaign to help accommodate people and rescued animals from Ukraine

All initiatives are realized in cooperation with the member companies of the Chamber of Digital Economy: InPost, Lubasz i Wspólnicy, RTV Euro AGD, Whites, Sowiński i Partnerzy, Mobile Institute, TuZwierzaki.pl.

If you wish to know more about the activities carried out by the Chamber of Digital Economy of Poland, you can contact them by email (biuro@eizba.pl) or by phone +48 506 577 824.

Bevh (German e-commerce association)

“E-commerce connects and Bevh is a network. This must prove valuable above all in crisis situations”

On their website’s homepage, Bevh provided a list with essentials as well as a collection of links to organisations that are distributing these supplies in kind donations to the people in need. Bevh is connecting companies wishing to donate to hands-on organisations in contact with people in need.

If you wish to know more about the activities carried out by Bevh, you can contact them by email (presse@bevh.org)

Thuiswinkel.org (Dutch e-commerce association)

“Together in action for Ukraine”

To raise money for emergency aid, Thuiswinkel.org opened a digital donation box for the National Day of Action from GIRO 555 and promoted it on social media and on their website.

Thuiswinkel.org also launched a landing page with information about the war and the impact on Dutch companies.

Thuiswinkel.org also opened an email address (helpdesk@thuiswinkel.org) for members to easily ask questions about the situation.


“Immediate support to the people of Ukraine”

Amazon is donating $5 million to organisations that are providing critical support on the ground in Ukraine and matching up to $5 million in additional donations from employees. For customers who want to help, Amazon is gradually adding donation buttons or direct links to charitable organisations on the homepages of their websites and will waive their fees for payment processing on donations made through Amazon. The marketplace is also working with Ukrainian nationals to expedite immigration work visas if they have relocated. Ultimately, Amazon is providing cybersecurity assistance for Ukraine.

If you wish to know more about Amazon’s activities, you can visit their dedicated webpage.

Logistic Natives & Packeta eCommerce GmbH

Supporting your donations to Ukraine

Packeta eCommerce GmbH, a member of Logistic Natives, is a German logistic company headquartered in the Czech Republic, where it has developed their own logistic network made up of 56 depots. During the Ukrainian crisis, some of Packeta’s storehouses were transformed into collection points for humanitarian aid to facilitate the delivery of donations to the people in need in cooperation with ADRA, a humanitarian NGO.

Packeta is arranging free pick-ups of palettes, guaranteeing that donations will be delivered there where they are needed the most.

If you want to help and you are based in Germany, please send an email to this address with the object “Ukraine-Hilfsaktion Logistik“ and tell Packeta which goods and in which quantity you want to donate. If you are based in the Czech Republic, please use this form.

Handelsverband Österreich 

“Commerce can help” 

Handelsverband Österreich has set up a dedicated webpage collecting contact information and forms to donate to NGOs and aid organisations.

Handelsverband also contributed to an aid program in collaboration with some retailers and donated needed items such as water, baby food, hygiene items, dry food, etc. The goods were shipped to the Polish eastern borders, where they were then taken by NGO partners to be distributed in Ukraine. 

If you wish to know more about the activities carried out by the Handelsverband Österreich, you can contact them by email (office@handelsverband.at) or by phone +43 (1) 406 22 36. 

Romanian E-commerce Association (ARMO)

“Humanity has no borders”

As part of the donation campaign “People help other people. Humanity has no borders”, eMAG, an online retailer with operations in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, has opened a platform for donations through which its Romanian customers can directly donate to the Romanian Red Cross. The Romanian Red Cross will use the donated amount to purchase the necessary food and health products for the Ukrainian civilian population that is severely affected by the military conflict.

eMAG has also donated food and supplies worth 550,000 lei (EUR 110.000) to the Ukrainian population as part of a humanitarian convoy organized by the Red Cross. Five of the seven trucks provided by courier company Sameday, part of eMAG Group, contained products provided by eMAG.

Sameday has also made its network of 2,400 last-mile lockers throughout the country available for delivery of products such as food, personal care and baby products or first aid products.

eMAG, along with Banca Transilvania, Mobexpert and Mastercard have also donated products worth 1.1 million lei that will be distributed through the Department for Emergency Situations to the refugees that are in Romania in dedicated centers.

If you wish to know more about the activities carried out by the ARMO, you can contact Oleg Roibu, eMAG Group Counsel, by email (oleg.roibu@emag.ro).

Bulgarian E-commerce Association (BEA) 

“Bulgarian E-commerce Association (BEA) cares for the people of Ukraine” 

Members of BEA are engaging with the Bulgarian Red Cross to gather relevant goods, which will be sent to the Ukrainian Red Cross to be finally distributed to the Ukrainian citizens.

BEA also promotes initiatives launched by the wider Bulgarian community. The Bulgarian government created a portal to help the people affected by the war in Ukraine to find a shelter, a job or to take classes in Bulgaria. Two national hotline numbers (+35929055555 and +380322465075) have been opened to provide people in need with quick, relevant information. 

If you wish to know more about the activities carried out by BEA, you can contact them by email (info@beabg.com).